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Суть проблемы в том, что Мать ASRock g41m-v3s и память DDR3 1333 - не хотят работать!!! Точнее на эту маму я устанавливаю разные планки с другим рабочих ПК разного объема - 4 Гб и 8 Гб. DDR3 1333 MHz Non-ECC SODIMM Validation Results Test results for DDR3 1333 MHz Non-ECC SODIMM modules on Intel® P55 Express Chipset-based motherboards as guidance to module performance.We are providing this information as a guide to module performance with Intel® reference platforms.

laptop - What does this mean? 8GB or 4GB? which is better ... 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM, 4 GB Memory slots 2 SODIMM So in this configuration, 8GB is better than 4GB, so the first seems to be better. If the second laptop can be upgraded to 16GB, that is better in the long run, if you're going to do memory intensive tasks, like video processing. Lenovo - DDR3L - 32 GB - HCDIMM 240-pin - registered Specs Discuss: Lenovo - DDR3L - 32 GB - HCDIMM 240-pin - registered Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you ... What type of RAM can be used in the DIMM slots: DDR2, DDR3 ... The first common memory DIMM was the 168 pin version used for SDRAM. Later versions of DIMMS are used for DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. The DDR DIMMS are physically a bit longer, and each version has the notch in a different place so you can’t accidentally plug a module into an incompatible socket. Does SO-Dimm DDR3L RAM work in an SDRAM DDR3L slot

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DDR3L до 1.35 вольт, 1333 и 1600 МГц.К сожалению, широкую поддержку высокоскоростной памяти SO-DIMM DDR4 с частотой 2800 МГц Intel реализовала только в одном процессором на рынке (и тот обитает в неприлично дорогих системах), а AMD до сих пор не показало... Can I put a DDR3 ram in DDR3L slot - Super User So I have a mini-PC which I need to buy RAM for. Now the specs say that it supports DDR3-L. I am thinking of getting the following kit: … Základní desky - typ paměti ddr3 | AB-COM.cz Prodej IT, elektroniky, spotřebního materiálu a hraček. ASRock Q1900M J1900 MATX | AB-COM.cz ASRock Q1900M J1900 MATX - Intel Quad-Core Processor J1900 + Micro ATX Motherboard; All Solid Capacitor design; Supports DDR3/DDR3L 1333 Long DIMM Slots; 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 2 PCIe 2.0 x1; Graphics Ou.

Dec 09, 2016 · The problem sounds like you're using ECC RAM. ECC RAM is not compatible. DDR3L is a dual voltage standard, it should work fine with DDR3, but not all the time on laptops. My laptop supports both DDR3 and DDR3L, currently it has DDR3 in it, but my CPU and motherboard have two separate controllers for it.

PC3-10600 10666 1333MHz DDR3 1333 DRAM DIMM ... - Amazon.com Buy Komputerbay 16GB (2x 8GB) PC3-10600 10666 1333MHz DDR3 1333 ... per memory slot; Komputerbay desktop DDR3 1333MHz Unbuffered CL9 DIMM. Crucial 4GB DDR3-1333 RDIMM VLP | CT51272BW1339 | Crucial.com

Features: In short, 204-pin small outline dual inline memory modules (SODIMMs) are the form factor used to provide DDR3 memory modules for notebook computers and other small form factor computing platforms. 204-pin SODIMMs are currently available in PC3-8500 (DDR3 1066MHz) and PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333MHz) speeds. To use DDR3 memory, your system must have both a 204-pin SODIMM slot …

Kingston Technology 4GB 1333 MHz 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Memory ... Kingston Value RAM is ideal for those who purchase memory by spec and are looking for competitively priced generic memory that is 100-percent tested to meet industry specifications. Included in the package is 1 4GB module of 1333MHz DDR3 memory. Specs are standard 512M x 64 Non-ECC 1333MHz 240-Pin Unbuffered DIMM (DDR3, 1.5V, CL9, FBGA, Gold). Solved: Ram upgrade for 7020SFF - Dell Community

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Parametry Barva chladiče: bez chladiče CAS Latency [CL]: 9 ECC: Ne Chlazení: bez chladiče Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP): Ne Low Profile: Ne Maximální pracovní voltáž [V]: 1,5 Počet pinů a formát paměti: 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM Pracovní … Transcend ddr3 4gb 1333mhz cl9 ecc | Sleviste.cz Stejně jako konkurenční firmy Kingston a Corsair i ona dodává kvalitní paměťové moduly typu DDR3 určené nejen pro základní desky s dvoukanálovým paměťovým řadičem a většina single modulů je schopna bez problémů pracovat v duálním režimu po … 2gb ddr2 so dimm 800 | Sleviste.cz

Kingston 8GB DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM (KVR1333D3S9/8G) – заменим быстрое на мгновенное! Не будем искать легких путей, а проведем разбор этой сложной записи. Сделаем это, чтобы осознать реальные преимущества этой модели перед... Kingston KVR1333D3S9/2G (2 GB, PC3-10600... | eBay